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Basic Essentials You Need to Care for Your Devices

Bundle deal comes with 1 Power One 6 cell battery pack and 1 3 piece dri brik pack.

UP: S$27 - S$32.90

Savings: S$6.90


Features/ Descriptions:

  • Bundle includes: 1 Power One CI/ HA 6 cells Battery Pack plus 1 3-piece Dri Brik Pack
  • Batteries: choose from 1) Implant Plus 2) Mercury Free P675 3) Mercury Free P13
    • 1) Implant Plus & Mercury Free P675 -S$19; Mercury Free P13 - S$17
    • Quality seal on back ensures that the batteries have not been tampered with
    • 6 cells of Size 675 Zinc Air Cochlear Implant Batteries
    • Voltage: 1.4V
    • Implant Plus: Typical Energy (mWh): 845 Typical Capacity (mAh): 500
    • Mercury-free S675: Typical Capacity (mAh): 650 (180 Ohms 12h/day to 0.9V at 20°C / 55% r.h.)
    • Diameter (mm): 11.6 Height (mm): 5.4
    • Weight (g): 1.85g
    • P13 Voltage: 1.4V
    • Typical Energy (mWh): 390
    • Typical Capacity (mAh): 310
    • Diameter (mm): 7.9 Height (mm): 5.4
    • Weight (g): 0.83g
  • Dry-Brik II works with all Dry & Store models
    • Includes 3 individual Dry Brik II Desiccant Blocks.
    • Physical Characteristics - Weight: 0.8 oz each (22.8 g) Size: 1.625” wide x 3” deep x .625” high (4.1 cm x 7.6 cm x 1.6 cm)

How can it help you

  • Batteries are long lasting with an extra long tab to facilitate easy handling.
  • Contains a more aggressive sorbent with much greater moisture-adsorbing capacity
  • Composition The Dry-Brik desiccant is a powerful proprietary molecular sieve, which is a much more aggressive desiccant than silica gel. Moreover, mol sieve (pronounced “MOL SIV”) is better suited for the operating temperature of Dry & Store.



Some things to note

For best results, store your batteries at a temperature between 20 - 25 degree Celsius. Temperatures below 10 and above 30 degrees, and a damp environment may shorten battery life.

Hearing aid batteries use oxygen from the air and once the sticker is removed, oxygen enters into the batteries and activates them. It takes a couple of seconds until the batteries are at full capacity. Only remove the sticker when you intend to use the batteries to extend their lifespan.

VARTA Microbattery with its brand Power One has over 100 years of experience in developing innovative battery technologies. Featuring with its consumer-focused extra long tabs, Power One batteries are manufactured at the world's most up-to-date and biggest production site for hearing aid batteries in Ellwangen/Germany—well recognized for manufacturing quality and detailed precision. Subject to Germany's stringent safety guidelines and quality checks, every cell is tested for its electrical and mechanical characteristics in compliance with its specification.


Boxes using heat alone lower the relative humidity by warming the air, but the amount of moisture in the air does not change. While warm air can hold more moisture than cool air, unless the water is removed, it can condense right back where it was when the heat goes off. That's where the desiccant comes in.

Products without a desiccant might work fine in a desert, but in a humid environment they are simply ineffective. The Dry & Store family of products uses DryMaxTM technology: a controlled amount of warm dry air, a soft but continuous flow of air around all of the small ports and openings in an electronic device like a hearing instrument, and the powerful Dry-Brik II desiccant to do the job right!


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