Ear Gear Corded for Bilateral Cochlear Implants


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Protect your Hearing Devices with These Gears!

They keep your devices moisture and dust-free.


Description/ Features

  • Fits various Cochlear and Advanced Bionics Processors and Medel's Opus 2 Processor:
  • 2 - 3 inches/ 5 - 7.6 centimeters
  • Material: sleeve is composed of a nylon-spandex blend. The cord is made of rubber with polyester cover. The O ring is made of rubber and the clip is made from plastic. A Custom Ear Gear can also have a metal clip.

How can it help you

  • Ear Gear has a unique double wall of spandex that provides protection against sweat, rain, and moisture of all kinds. What is interesting about Ear Gear is that the spandex actually absorbs moisture, and prevents it from reaching the hearing instrument's microphone port, battery door, and sensitive interior circuitry.  Be sure to remove your hearing instrument from the Ear Gear after use to allow it to dry for the next use.

  • Ear Gear's unique double wall of spandex also can provide protection against dust, dirt and wind noise.


Other Things to Note

  • Electroacoustical analysis tests were performed by Lakeside Hearing. Over all results show Ear Gear is acoustically transparent.There was no reduction in gain at 0 degrees azimuth, or at 90 degrees azimuth during real ear measures. There was also no reduction in average OSLP90, or average gain at 50 dB in the test box.
  • We always recommend meauring your hearing devices and follow our sizing chart.
    • For Hearing Aids  up to 1” - Ear Gear Micro
    • For Hearing Aids  between 1”-1 ¼”  - Ear Gear Mini
    • For Hearing Aids  between  1 ½ ”- 2” - Ear Gear Original
    • For Hearing Aids between  2 ¼ ”- 3 - Ear Gear FM



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