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Train your Memory with this Heritage Card Game!

Hua Hee is a card game of beautifully sketched designs of local food and heritage items so that people can better engage their loved ones at home.  Hua Hee means happy in the Chinese dialect, Hokkien, and hopes to bring happiness to the young and "young at heart".

Features/ Description:

The Hua Hee Match game pack comes with 2 sets of each design, allowing players to facilitate the memory matching game.

  • It is suitable for a group of 2 - 4 players.
  • All game packs come with a set of instructions.
  • Dimension: 8.7cm x 7.5cm
  • 310 gsm artcard with Matte lamination on both sides of card 
  • Designs include: Tingkat, Clogs, Straw Fan, Gasing, Kueh Lapis, Otak-Otak, Ba Zhang, Ang Ku Kueh, Pineapple Tart, Durian, Curry Puff, Ketupat, Kueh Tutu, Ice Kacang, Satay, Kueh Pie Tee, Ondeh Ondeh, Calendar, Axe Brand Oil, Five Stones, Kueh Dadar and Peng Kueh                                                                   

How Can It Help:

  • Trains memory
  • Builds social skills 
  • Easy to hold
  • Trains object recognition
  • Practise social skills while playing with a partner or in a group
  • Simple pictures make it easy to identify
  • Card games are a good way to train speech with young children

Other Things Note:

You can find Hua Hee Snap here



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