Interstellar Fantasy Flight Boardgame for the Blind or Low-Vision


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Our New Kid on The Block! 

Interstellar Fantasy Flight is a fun and educational boardgame that can be played by both seeing and blind or low vision children based on numbers and Braille. Numbers appear in our daily lives, from purchasing groceries to reading and is taken for granted by seeing people. However, for the visually impaired children at early learning stages, they can only access the concept of number through touch.

Heart Social Design, is a group of social design PhD students from the design school of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. They came up with this boardgame after working as volunteers with blind children. They are now running a pre-order campaign and giving a pre-order discounted price. They are also actively seeking funds through crowdfunding in order to bring this game to production and bring smiles to these kids before Xmas 2017. Help them fulfill their dream by ordering one yourself or donating a small sum to their campaign here.


Features/ Description:

  • What is in the box: 1 main gameboard (non-slip), 20 iron element tokens, 20 copper element tokens, 12 gold tokens, 6 silicon tokens, 42 auxiliary cards, 7 bow cards, 8 hull card, 8 stakes cards, 1 bag, 19 digital cards (1 to 9 each 2, the value of 0 to 1), rule book, 10 exploration tokens
  • Tokens are designed with grooves that are touch friendly for the visually handicapped.
  • Cards have numbers and pictures with english braille or mandarin braille (please select desired language)
  • Packaging box dimensions:
  • Recommended age: 7+
  • How to play the game: The players will explore, mine and transact ore. The first player to fill up his/ her space shuttle with ore will be the winner. Detailed instructions are included in the box.


How It Can Help Your Loved Ones/ Skills It Helps to Develop:

  • Game can be played by seeing kids and kids with low vision or are blind
  • Kids can learn the concept of numbers, counting and basic mathematical operations
  • Number and shape recognition, grouping, and counting (seeing and braille)
  • Letter recognition and reading (seeing and braille)
  • Visual perception and color recognition (for seeing kids)
  • Eye-hand coordination and manual dexterity (for seeing kids)
  • Train social skills such as turn taking and communication skills 
  • Lengthen attention span through completion of game
  • Learn to be more organised by working within boundaries i.e. rules of the game
  • Can be used as an educational tool by parents and teachers or played autonomously by visually impaired children as the braille and tokens are specially designed for that purpose
  • Also good for kids with parents who are blind or has low vision to help them appreciate and learn about braille


Other Notes:

Find our FAQ here

Note that the final product will look slightly different as it will be an improved design.

This campaign is fulfilled by Heart Social Design, who will be solely responsible for the fulfilment of all orders. Irisada is only providing the platform for them to showcase and sell their product. Irisada will only be recieving a minimal token to cover the costs for this campaign. Irisada is also assisting Heart Social Design in crowdfunding in a campaign here. The raised funds will be submitted to Heart Social Design after 31 Oct 2017 for production to begin. Expect orders to be in earliest Xmas 2017 and latest end Jan 2018. Thank you for supporting inclusive designs and social enterprises!


''For 3, 4, and even 5 year olds, winning is critical to a feeling of mastery. So generally, it's okay to "help" them win. By about 6, kids should begin to internalize the rules of fair play, tenuous as they may seem to a child who is losing a game. It is encouraged to acknowledge your child's need for special rules. " - from



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000003 Will I get my game? teo**** 2017-09-25 18:31:10 +0800 1 Replies
What if you do not reach your pre-order sales target, will I get my game?

[Re] Will I get my game?

Yes you will. We will still push through the orders, except at lower volume and therefore higher costs incurred by us. We are still students and therefore would appreciate if everyone helps us out to reduce these costs. Please share the campaign around. Thank you!

Upon the closing of the crowdfunding and pre-order campaign (31 October 2017), we will then submit the funds to the manufacturer to proceed with the production. We hope to deliver the products to your loved ones before Christmas 2017. But do expect potential delays as we are unable to control the manufacturer's schedule or any unforeseeable circumstances.

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