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Wear Your Sound All Around!

ListenLid headwear is made for you to listen on the go. Whatever your mode of ear gear (eg. cochlear implant, iPod®, MP3) if you want to listen to your favorite music, book or podcast at the beach, in the gym or at the pool then ListenLid caps and hats make listening through your device easy and secure while you swim, surf, ride or slide.

Some Features

  • Each ListenLid cap or hat has an outer pocket to neatly contain devices ensuring that they are fully secured without messy cords
  • Innovative back pocket secures waterproof listening devices (eg Cochlear implant, iPod, MP3)
  • Fully detachable cord and clip to secure cap to clothing
  • Mesh permeable fabric provides maximum audibility to cochlear implant users
  • Unique "button hole" cord management solution for ear buds and coils or head magnets
  • High-quality durable polyester mesh material and wide, firm elastic band for comfort

How can it help you

  • Holds your hearing devices in place and neatly while you run, swim, surf, ride and slide
  • Designed with active adults and children in mind, our headwear is discreet and comfortable

Some things to note

Listening devices must be independently waterproof in order to be safely worn in the water. ListenLid hats and caps are not waterproof.

Advanced Bionics®, Neptune® (up to two devices can be accommodated) and the Naída cochlear implant with AquaCase® (one AquaCase® can be accommodated)

Permeable mesh cap: 95% polyester/ 5% elastane

Elastic band: 25% rubber/ 75% polyester

Pocket backing: 82% polyamide / 18% elastane

Please note that ListenLid swim caps will not keep your hair dry; rather, they provide a secure and convenient alternative to swim caps for those with waterproof listening devices.


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000001 Compatibility with Harmony spr**** 2017-05-16 22:08:14 +0800 1 Replies
Does the swim cap work with Harmony processor

[Re] Compatibility with Harmony

Hi Arianne it will house the harmony processor but you will need to provide your own waterproofing accessory and extensions for off the ear wear. The cap pocket is a decent size and can fit an aquacase. Please let me know if you have further questions. Regards ListenLid

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