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by Aqilah Teo

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This book tells the stories of a boy with autism living in a world he views in his own, special way. His take on the routines of daily life would seem, to most people, a plunge into an extraordinary world of the unexpected and inexplicable. As seen through his sister’s eyes, the stories chronicle his growing-up years, and his adventures and misadventures – the quirky, the funny and the downright miraculous. It is also a sharing of the little-known, yet engaging, stories of individuals with special needs and other unsung heroes: their families, teachers and doctors.

About the Author

Aqilah Teo is a preschool teacher and freelance writer who has worked with children ranging from preschoolers to teenagers. Her brother's autism led to her fascination with psychology and epistemology. She hopes to shine a spotlight on the special needs world through the stories in this book.


Aqilah shares her life with us and she writes with love and humour, which makes her brother’s story even more poignant. When I finished reading this book, it gave me a feeling of hope, and great respect for her family and for the people who work with autism.”
- Neo Swee Lin, Actor

“In her unique way, Aqilah shares the heartwarming and heart-aching journey she has travelled with her brother. The autism landscape in Singapore has undergone a positive transformation in the last decade. Parents, professionals and members of the public should complete reading this book, and play a role in sculpting a Singapore that is even more inclusive and accepting of people who are different. It takes a village to maximise the potential of each of these special individuals. No one can do it alone.”
– Denise Phua Lay Peng, President, Autism Resource Centre (Singapore), Supervisor, Pathlight School and Eden School Boards, Member of Singapore Parliament

“An excellent account of the writer’s candid experiences with her autistic sibling as well as daily struggles her family has to cope with. Free of jargon, it is an easy read that provides an insight into the autism world, and allows readers to peer into the mind and understand the idiosyncratic behaviours of an autistic individual.”
– Dr Noel Chia Kok Hwee, Assistant Professor, Early Childhood & Special Education Academic Group, NIE

“Just as with mental illness, there are many misconceptions about autism. This book, beautifully penned by the author that draws on the struggles of a family with an autistic child, brought tears to my eyes. And it leads me to ask: “Can’t society learn to accept that children with autism are also God’s children who need love, understanding and support to enable them to lead perfectly normal lives?”
– Raymond Anthony Fernando, Author, Motivational Speaker, Mental Health Activist

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ISBN: 978-981-07-1800-8
Published: 2012

Publisher: Ethos Book
Dimension: 130mm x 200mm
Extent: 184
Finish: Paperback


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