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Enjoy the Goodness of Greens Without Eating Them!

Do you have or do you know a child that has: concentration difficulties, autism, ADHD, regular meltdowns, trouble sleeping? PeaPods™ are the answer. Help your child stay calm and relaxed with this amazing veggie!!

Features/ Descriptions

  • Durable inflatable tool made with super-strong vinyl and has tough triple welded seams for added strength
  • Most children can get in the ‘pod’ themselves, applying deep, even pressure to many sensitive areas of the body.
  • Dimensions: 20in Height, 29in Wide, 48in Length
  • Colour: Green
  • It's surface is made with a comfortable flocked vinyl that feels like velvet for comfort
  • Surface washable


How It Can Help You or Your Loved Ones

  • Use the PeaPod™ to create a timeout space in your home, school or clinic.
  • The PeaPod™ is like a giant hug applying pressure to all over the body helping to keep your child calm and relaxed.
  • You can use this product at any time of day. Whenever your child needs some timeout or that much needed pressure input you can put them into their PeaPod™ and watch them relax.
  • Need help getting your little ones to sleep at night? The PeaPod™ can help. Get your child to read a book in the pod before bed to help them relax for a good nights rest.
  • Most children can get in the ‘pod’ themselves, applying deep, even pressure to many sensitive areas of the body. Some children like to gently rock side-to-side, for that perfect ‘cocooning-calm.’ 

Other Notes:

PLEASE CHECK SIZES BEFORE PURCHASING PRODUCTS. If you are unsure about the correct size to purchase please contact us and we can assist with selecting the correct size. If you select the wrong size and do not contact us within 7 days of purchase we will not be able to assist with an exchange. Any additional costs to an exchange for example post costs will be at the customer’s expense.


Please note: Due to the high demand of this product there may be a delay of up to 10-12 weeks before we can ship this product out to you. Back-orders welcome.

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