Quick Mobile Rail Small or Large - 15cm or 25cm


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A Grab Bar for Frequent Travellers

The Quick Mobile Rail has been designed to provide support when moving naturally, for example when getting in and out of the shower. The Quick Mobile Rail has not been designed to carry the whole weight of the body. The grab rail can be attached and removed within a few seconds. Drilling holes or the use of screws is not necessary. The two powerful suckers are pressed firmly onto a non-porous, sturdy surface, the vacuum handles are pushed down and the Quick Mobile Rail is fixed. If the indicator light is green, this means the rail has been fixed correctly. If the indicator is half green / half red or completely red, this indicates that the rail has not been attached properly. In this case, the rail should be re-attached.


Product Features/ Description

  • Length: 15cm (small) 25cm (large
  • Attachment without damage to the wall
  • The rail can be attached horizontally, vertically or diagonally.
  • Cannot be used on wood, hardboard, ribbed surfaces, mosaic tiles, tile seams or wallpaper. To be used exclusively on smooth, fat-free surfaces.
  • If the indicator is red, this means the rail has been attached incorrectly.
  • If the indicator is green, this means the rail has been attached correctly.


How Can It Help:

  • For flexible use;
  • For when travelling, on holiday or visiting relations;
  • Perfect support for the user;

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