Smart Umbrella Walking Stick (Musical: Radio & MP3)


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This Smart Umbrella Walking Stick (Musical: Radio & MP3) comes complete with an array of thoughtful standard safety features:

  1. High power energy saving integrated LED Lights (20 Lux), enough to brighten up the walkway to improve visibility. When fully charged, it will last for more than 12 hours.
  2. Safety Red Flashing Lights operates together with the built-in LED lights, increase safety and reduce vehicle accidents while crossing the road. When fully charged, it will last for more than 6 hours.
  3. Alarm (Auto Activation for Emergency such as falls), up to 100 decibels to attract quick attention of bypasses in time of emergency
  4. 360-degree Pivoting Head allow a wide range of pivoting strike angle that enables natural walking style. It is constructed with an extra wide base to give extra support that allows it to stand by your side.
  5. High Strength Aluminium Alloy Shaft (6061 Grade) It is excellent for corrosion resistant.
  6. Certified to CE and RoHS compliance. The handle is tested to resist a vertical force of up to 1108 N (113kg).
  7. It comes complete with USB charger and a BS 3-pin plug.


 Additional features:

  1. Integrated walking stick can be withdrawn when need to use it independently
  2. UV protection canopy cover the user from being exposed to harmful UV ray
  3. High-density fabric for fast water dispersion
  4. Double Spring loaded construction remain its integrity in strong wind conditions
  5. Steel Ferrule Tip for extra strength and durability
  6. Sensitive digital FM Radio. When fully charged, it will last for more than 6 hours. Reception Scope of FM: 76 -108 MHz
  7. MP3 Player with 1GB SD Card and USB SD Card Reader. When fully charged, it will last for more than 6 hours



Other Things To Note: Selecting The Right Walking Stick

MP3 version is recommended for elderly, especially those who are struggling with Dementia or Alzheimer's Disease.  

Listening to music is a big part of music therapy.  Music therapy uses music to help promote the good cognitive functioning of the brain. Through music therapy, elderly adults can fight depression, express emotions, improve their listening and comprehension, promote good memory, concentration and improve their verbal and social skills. 

Choosing the model of a walking stick.  It depends on the elderly status:

M Quad: If the elderly are just recovering and learning to walk

S Quad: If the elderly are looking for a M Quad alternative and may need to climb the staircase

Folding Chair:  If the elderly just need to rest at interval

Folding/Travelling:  If the elderly need an extra unit for travelling and prefer it to be compact

Umbrella:  If the elderly prefer to use an umbrella as a walking stick and need a support

Standard:  If the elderly have not been using a walking stick and need a support

I bought 3 umbrella walking sticks, 1 SMART Chair walking stick and ! foldable walking stick. These are for the old folks in the family. I am really impressed with how well made they are. The features are well thought out. My parents have been avoiding using walking sticks as they feel they are still young. When I demo it to them, they were impressed with the design and when I showed them the LED lights which is not just static, you can change the lights to blink at just press of a button. You can even adjust the angle of the light to tilt! Great for walking at night! They got really excited when I turned on the music button. The very thoughtful company preloaded with lovely oldies music. Volume can be adjusted too, how cool is that! Like carrying your personal boombox around, only it's nano size. With such uber cool aids one can really age gracefully in style! I hope they come up with 2.0 that has GPS function." Lim Lee Peng

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