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Twistably therapeutic for both hands and minds!

Tangle Therapy is larger than the original Tangle toy for a twisty and fun way to get hand, joint and muscle therapy and stress relief all in one.

Some Features

  • Twistable therapy device with a new ergonomic approach to stress relief and hand therapy
  • Tangle Therapy fits in your hand for single handed manipulation
  • With 20 pieces interconnected, this twisty toy keeps your fingers good and busy
  • Each piece is covered with a soft rubberized material that is designed for maximum tactile pleasure
  • It is comprised of a system of rotating interconnecting links that can be twisted, turned, bent, coiled and shaped into an endless amount of shapes.
  • Complete instructions are included.

How can it help you

  • This twistable therapy device is a new ergonomic approach to stress relief, as well as a manipulative for hand therapy.
  • Strengthens/ rehabilitates hand and finger muscles
  • Relieves minor stress
  • Improves range of hand motion
  • Restores motion of joints
  • Can even be used as a quit smoking aid
  • Doodling and fidgeting replacement

Some things to note

 Buy several and connect them to make a long wild Tangle snake. 

Great products

I struggle with PTSD and GAD. I have lots of anxiety tics- biting my nails, biting the skin around my nails, peeling my lips, picking at my skin, etc. Recently I started treatment and my therapist suggested something tactile to keep my hands busy. I tried squishy stress balls, but most are cheap and break with lots of use. I loved PlayDoh but it can be messy and it's not portable. I stumbled across this and it's the perfect solution. Texturally pleasing, loose and fluid to play with...completely silent and portable :) I take it everywhere, and it does wonders for self soothing. Lecture halls and pubic transportation- two of my biggest anxieties- are now much easier, with a way to let the nervous energy loose. I am ordering more soon! Thank you Tangle Creations. My new nails and lips are beautiful and my skin is beginning to heal! Madi C. Crain

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