The Cochlear Kids Book Series: Liam the Superhero


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The Cochlear Kids ( 4 )

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Liam, like any 4-year-old, loves playing superhero! Except, he already has a superpower...

This book is first of a series of The Cochlear Kids books by Heidi Dregde.

'' This heart-warming story is essential reading for all children whose lives are touched by hearing loss. Simply beautiful!'' - Dr Dimitry Dornan, Executive Director and Founder of Hear and Say

What's it about 

  • 13 pages of rhyming fun and 13 matching page full of colour-filled illustrations
  • Words on one page and illustration on the opposite page, makes pointing and reading easier
  • Explains how CI works in simple words
  • Talks about how Liam feels and situation in class and with friends
  • Adds a little bit disappointment (that is real life right) but perks things up with some positivity

How can it help you

  • If you are a parent: This book can be used at home to explain to your kid about CIs, help him the child's identity building and also educate the siblings about the child's condition.
  • If you are a pre-school teacher: This is a great book for kindergartens with/ without a child with hearing loss to help other classmates understand and appreciate the child's hearing condition. Awareness and inclusiveness inculcated at a young age helps in developing empathy. 
  • If you are a therapist: This is a great book to read for therapy. You know the drills.
  • If you are just shopping: Why not a educational and non-mainstream book, something different from your usual children's book. Let the child learn something aside from the usual animals, cars and princess stories.

Some things to note

The second book, Zara at the Zoo is coming out soon.

The author, Heidi Dredge, is passionate about creating entertaining and informative narratives that help children (and adults!) understand hearing loss and cochlear implants. Heidi’s characters and stories are full of warmth and inspiration which remind us all that children with cochlear implants are just like other kids, and with determination and commitment, can learn to listen and speak like their normal-hearing peers!

Heidi lives in Brisbane, Australia with her husband and two young kids. Her eldest daughter has a cochlear implant and a hearing aid, and thanks to early intervention with Auditory Verbal Therapy, her listening and spoken language skills are out of this world!

At first I thought this was a real superhero series, like the kids have real super powers (would be fun if it was). But it is even better as it teaches kids about cochlear implants and what a kid wearing it goes through. It gives insight to a child using CIs in simple and fun rhymes. My daughter uses CIs and she was very happy seeing the character having a CI too. I think it makes her feel included and special. Little kids like feeling special in a nice way. Looking forward to the next book. Damien W.

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  1. I wish this series develops further. Liam and his friends do have super powers and solve mysteries and saves the world!

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