The Plopsta' - Polyester Rectangular Bean Bag (Medium)


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Plop Into Instant Relaxation!

A spill-proof rectangular bean bag with many colours to choose from. Say goodbye to your chairs and hello to bean bags!

Features/ Descriptions

  • Spill-proof polyester rectangular bean bag (filled)
  • Medium (1.4 by 1.1m* ; 1.4 by 0.8m** ; 320L) $229 * Size of bean bag when unfilled. ** Floor area taken up when filled and set in lounger position.
  • Want something bigger? Find large here
  • Outer cover fabric material: Polyester with PU undercoat; removable; spill-proof (wipe to clean or remove and rinse)
  • Inner bag: tetoron- cotton
  • YKK Zippers; Child-proof zip for inner bag

How It Can Help You or Your Loved Ones

  • Use the Plopsta' to create a timeout space in your home, school or clinic
  • There are many various positions to place the Plopsta' to suit your child's or your preference, check out the video for ideas

Other Notes:

Due to differences in monitor settings, actual colours may vary from screen colours.


Q: How can I maintain my bean bag cover? 

A: Each doob® Bean Bag comes with a removable, washable outer cover so you can always keep your bean bags clean! Do get some fresh bean bag pellets / filler if you would like to inject a new spring into your bean bag! Spill-proof Polyester and Synthetic Leather doob covers (plop, plopsta', tootsie, platoopat, Soopadoopa, Soopatoona) can be wiped with a wet cloth without need for removing the cover, although you can remove them to rinse if you like (or if someone made a huge mess). Rayon doob covers (doobsta', toonacan) can be machine-washed. 

Q: What about the stuff inside the inner bag? 

A: The filling of a doob bean bag is high quality EPS pellets which are denser than our competitors, and so last longer! However, all EPS fillings will eventually settle and compress after a period of use (how much depends on the frequency and the... vigorousness of your usage). We are giving all our doob bean bag customers one free top-up for each bean bag ordered!

Q: FREE top-up!? 

A: Yes, free top-up! We are giving a pack of 50L of EPS pellets for every doob bean bag ordered from 1 July 2016 onwards and purchased from our website or any of our awesome resellers. Do keep the card that came tagged onto your doob and make an appointment with us to collect this free refill. Refer to our contact page on our business hours and REMEMBER TO BRING THE CARE CARD! If you prefer, you can bring down your doob bean bag and we can help you with the refill.

Q: Okay... I misplaced the instructions (who reads them anyway?). Could you remind me how to unzip my inner bag?

A: Don't worry about it! It's not like it contains hints on how to get discounts and freebies from us... or does it? Anyway, the inner bag is easily opened by sliding a paper clip through the hole in the zipper latch; The paperclip unlocks the zipper and acts as a tab for you to pull the zipper open. 

Our Story

The plopsta’ was conceived after a large doobsta’ and a large plop were left alone in the doobspace one cool evening. We returned the next day to discover rose petals, scented candles and massage oil laying amidst the two frisky doobs.

What was even more surprising was that the bean bags appeared to be cradling a bean bag that we had never seen before: it has the shape of a large doobsta’ and the skin of a plop. The miracle of the plopsta’ thus combines the comfort and versatility of the large doobsta’, and the water-resistant and pet-friendly properties of a plop. Get a plopsta’ today and get cozy.

Each plopsta’ comes as an inner durable fabric bag filled with doob pellets and a removable spill-proof outer cover.

*warning: do not attempt to breed your own doobs; this is a job best left to the professionals (plus the conditions have to be really romantic).


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