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Bringing affordable eldercare products to the elderly

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  • [#<Spree::Product id: 446, name: "Smart Medium Quad Walking Stick (MP3 Handle With R...", description: "<p>&nbsp;</p>\r\n\r\n<p><strong>This Smart Medium Quad...", available_on: "2018-05-05 21:58:04", deleted_at: nil, slug: "smart-medium-walking-stick-mp3-handle-with-radio-a...", meta_description: nil, meta_keywords: nil, tax_category_id: nil, shipping_category_id: 96, created_at: "2018-05-05 22:01:30", updated_at: "2019-01-03 22:25:35", promotionable: true, meta_title: nil, avg_rating: #<BigDecimal:69ba018,'0.0',9(18)>, reviews_count: 0, shop_id: 43, youtube_link: "<iframe style=\"width: 100%;\" width=\"625\" height=\"3...", default_currency: nil, interest_button: "out_of_stock", affiliate_link: "", affiliate_button: "", text_above_affiliate_button: "", on_homepage: false, on_homepage_bundle: false>]

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